Miracos Makeup Brushes



MIRACOS Foundation Makeup Brush – The contoured and curved shape of this brush hugs the face to help expertly sculpt and blend product, contour cheekbones, define the nose, and minimize the look of jawline definition for precision application. This brush is ideal with foundation but also works perfectly with powders, liquids, and creams. 🌹

I love the special design of this rose-shaped brush. It has super-soft synthetic bristles that are custom-cut in levels layered in a swirl patterned rose. It comes in a decorative box to keep it from smooshing.


Available at Amazon for under $20 and prime delivery.


Miracos 4 piece eye makeup brush set in beautiful rose gold (hard to see in my pic) are made from high quality synthetic bristles. The bristles are soft and dense, and do not lint when used. Great eyebrow brush with a spoolie!! Love these cruelty-free brushes available on Amazon for under $13 and prime delivery.

I received these brushes at a discounted rate from Miracos Makeup through the Tomoson Review program.

Check out these brushes as well as what I recommend at Amazon – Click Here




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