Nilotic® Skincare Products


I consider it a unique privilege to work with a company that does so much for the community in which their products originate. Such is the case with Nilotic® Skincare Products.

A little background, according to their website,”Nilotic® was conceived in 2015 after a group of Ugandan farmers, Natural Skincare connoisseurs and Women Empowerment enthusiasts teamed up with a British formulations specialist and a couple of US based expats with a strong appreciation of nature. The creators of the brand prefer to quietly go about their job of designing Nilotic® products and running community workshops in rural Uganda, and let the quality of the Crème’s and Butters speak for themselves.

I received an email celebrating the enormously successful first half of 2017. As part of their social initiatives, Nilotic® sent 19 disadvantaged Ugandan children to school last quarter. Click the link to see a video from their project coordinator (and award winning film director), Nes Stanley Nsamba:


Those are just a few of the amazing reasons I agreed to be a Nilotic® Brand Ambassador. It is pretty hard to top those, but the way their products are made comes very close to doing just that.  Nilotic® Cremes and Body Butters are made with all natural ingredients, PETA certified, Vegan, Cruelty Free, no chemicals added, non-toxic, FDA registered, FSC certified for 100% sustainable bamboo packaging, high in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C, E & K. They claim their products are so safe that they eat a spoonful before packing each batch! What? Wow! No wonder mothers love their cremes for their babies. 


I was able to purchase a couple products at a discounted rate for review purposes and I was blown away by the packaging. This is high end packaging. It is all recyclable materials. From the outside box made of black cardboard with gold etching to the bamboo container that housed the luxurious cremes, I was enormously impressed with the amount of thought that went into their design.

I ordered the CREME Apple Pie and the CREME Sour Red Mango. The scent is truly as if I picked a piece of fruit. Check out the ingredients in the Sour Red Mango Creme: 

100% Pure, Fair Trade, Virgin, Unrefined Nilotic Fruit Butter (Vitellaria Nilotica), and 100% Natural Mango Citrus Oil

That’s it…plain and simple. But the benefits are far from simple.

* 100% Natural, Chemical Free, Non Toxic, Vegan, Cruelty Free Hand & Body Creme *

* Pure Nilotic Fruit Butter with a 100% Fruit Derived Sour Red Mango Scent *

* Smooth, Creamy & Fast Absorbing Butter from Nilotic Shea Fruits of the Nile *

* Suitable for ALL Skin & Lip Types, including Sensitive Skin *

* HIGH in Natural Phyto-Nutrients for Skin Protection, Natural Moisture, Hydration,      Rejuvenation, Dark Spots, Nourishment, Anti Aging Benefits and Acne/Dry Skin Treatment *

* Instant Non-Comedogenic Moisture & Hydration for Thirsty Skin *

* Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory *

* Dermatologist Recommended and Clinical Studies to support benefits *


The creme melts into your skin leaving a light sheen as your skin absorbs it in. The scent is not long lasting and should not be overwhelming to those sensitive to smells. My skin just drinks this emollient in. It reminds me of a softer coconut oil when it is in its solid form.

They have a good number of cremes from Anti-Age Creme in Sunset Orange to Watermelon Cacao Body Butter. Normally, prices vary from $59-79 a jar BUT they are on sale for a limited time ($39 & $44). If you use my referral code LOVESKIN347659 – you will get an additional 20% off. Enter this code in the Discount Box after you click the Place My Order button to checkout. Every order placed, helps to benefit the women that make these fabulous products as well as the community they are in. I encourage you to read more about Nilotic® on their website.

CLICK HERE: Nilotic® Skincare

I promise you won’t be disappointed. Even though I received this product at a discounted rate for review purposes, these are my honest opinions.




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