Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics Collection Review

Have you seen the Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics collection? First impression – pretty packaging. As you can see a lot of thought went into it and the packaging is what made me jump at purchasing.
I got an eye shadow palette as well as three different types of lip products, mascara, eyeliner, blush and highlighter. I wanted to try at least one of what I could since it was a collection. The best part was Sephora carries the collection so I was able to earn points. Bonus!!! 
Overall, what I bought and tried was hit and miss. The lippies were the best out of what I purchased. Here are my thoughts…
🌸 Matte Lipstick (Darling be Daring) – $24 – My fave product out of everything I tried. Great colors – opaque, creamy and moisturizing. Lasted pretty well throughout my day with reapplication after eating or drinking.
🌸 Poisonous Pout Plumping Lipgloss (Cursed Berry) – $22 – A beautiful gloss but didn’t really plump my lips. Nice pigmentation. (Shown on left / top in below pics.)
PrettyVulgar12   PrettyVulgar13
🌸 My Lips are Sealed Liquid Lipstick (Brilliantly Sneaky – Coral) – $24 – Thick formula for max coverage. Metallic shine. Dries down but not drying. Moisturizing formula. (Shown on right / bottom in above pics.)
Any of these lip products would be great and the color selections should suit everybody.
🌸 Nightingale Eye Shadow Palette – $35 – I wanted to love but only 2 colors went on with any pigmentation. The remaining shadows needed to be built up and there was quite a bit of fallout. There are 2 other palettes that I did not purchase.
🌸 Shimmering Swan Highlighter (Glimmers of BS – Pink Champagne) – $32 – Loved this on my skin. Subtle enough for a natural look or can be cranked up for max highlight. (Shown in below pics – Left / Top Swatch)
PrettyVulgar6   PrettyVulgar7
🌸 Make Them Blush (Shameless Flirt – Berry Rose) – $26 – Great color but very little color payoff. And it was the first to disappear after wearing for a few hours. (Shown in above pics – Left / Bottom Swatch)
🌸 The Feathers Mascara – $24 – The cutest packaging out of everything purchased. It has a unique brush type with short bristles on one side and long on other. I liked it because my little baby lashes were reachable with the shorter bristles. Stayed on well and didn’t smudge or flake.
I did purchase one of the eyeliners shown in the below pic. It was $22 and a brown matte color. I was impressed with how creamy it was and it lasted all day. I wouldn’t normally pay that much for an eyeliner, especially when cheaper alternatives such as Colourpop eyeliners are just as good.
There were a few other items in the collection that I didn’t purchase such as foundation, concealer, brow gel and pencil, primers, and various eyeliners mainly due to prices and because I already have these type of products that I love and not ready to change up. They also have nail polish for $20 which is ridiculously high for a nail polish for a new brand in my opinion.
Overall, I expected a collection launching on Sephora at these prices to be beyond amazing. And while the packaging is cute, some of it is cheaper material (cardboard, light plastic, no mirrors in compacts) than one would see with makeup that has high end prices. I wish I had seen more swatches and honest reviews before I bought one of everything as I would have been more picky. At least this collection will look great on my shelves.
Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics are cruelty free as well as free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.
Cruelty Free
You can purchase directly from Pretty Vulgar Cosmetics – CLICK HERE
Or if you want points, you can find at Sephora – CLICK HERE
🌸 Let me know if you have tried and your thoughts. 🌸
XOXO, Jodi

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