Product Review – LITEBOX Product Photography Shooting Tent

After 2 years of beauty blogging and trying to capture the best light source (the sun never cooperates), I decided I needed to invest in one of those light box thingees (yes, that is a word). I had the opportunity to get one at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.


Pictured above is the LiteBox Product Photography Shooting Tent I received. It came in a duffel bag and needed to be assembled. I admit it sat in that duffel bag for at least 6 weeks because every time I got the motivation to assemble it, I got intimidated by all the parts. So, after another day lost because of no sunshine, I finally put it together. It was a little difficult putting the poles together and slipping the tent over the poles. It definitely required more than one person as I have short T-Rex arms. The most frustrating part was trying to get the rolled up back drops to go inside as they kept rolling back up. That is why they are not pictured in the above picture. I finally managed to duct tape the darn thing in place. Once I got through all of that, I like it a lot. I’m still learning to work with it. 
I feel fortunate to have received at a discount as it retails for $185 which I feel is way too expensive. It comes with everything you need except good instructions and backdrops that can be uncurled so it’s a toss up. If you are up for the challenge, than I recommend you go for it. I do love the roominess and pictures I’m taking with it as the lighting is excellent. It also comes with a stand for your camera or phone.
Here are before and after litebox pictures:




Link to product on Amazon – CLICK HERE (not an affiliate link).
I’d love to know what some of my fellow beauty bloggers and photographers use for their best light source for pictures.  Please leave a comment if you feel like sharing!
XOXO, Jodi


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