Product Review – The Sleep Styler


I have long hair down to my shoulder blades that I wash a couple times a week and air dry because it is so thick, color-treated and lacks moisture especially in the winter.  For this same reason, I do not own a curling iron or hair dryer so styling my hair was limited until now.
The Sleep Styler has given me 2 main options for styling my hair now.  I can go straight and sleek or I can go with waves and curls.  Both options use the same stylers and I can wear overnight or for a couple hours during the day to get the results I want.
The Sleep Styler comes with 8 stylers that are essentially long foam hair rollers covered in a soft fabric with a fabric piece to wrap around the hair and roller and fastens with velcro.
I let my hair air dry for a short time and then wrap up and these 8 stylers do my whole head of hair in a matter of minutes and are very easy to use.  They are extremely lightweight as well as comfortable.  I had no problem sleeping on them all night which I have never been able to do before with cushioned rollers.  Removing was quick and easy and I left the rollers out to completely dry and then packed them back up for storage.  The material is removable and washable if needed.


As you can see from the pics above, it left me with big beautiful waves and curls.  The waves actually lasted a couple days until I washed again.  The Sleep Styler is currently on sale for $34.00 and are well worth the cost for how easy they are to use and the beautiful results.  
CLICK HERE: The Sleep Styler
The Sleep Styler website includes a video tutorial on how to use and the kit comes with instructions as well. If you have long hair and want a way to curl or straighten your hair without the heat and effort required from other methods, I highly recommend these. 
Please note: I received these in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions posted are 100% my own.



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