Product Review – Lequa Beauty Mermaid Razor

Lequa Beauty


This cute razor is actually called the Lequa Total Control Razor w/ Suction Leaf Holder  but it looks just like a mermaid tail!  
This is hands down the best razor I have used and here is why:
  • Shaped to fit in your hand – more control of the razor
  • 4 blade razor cartride moves with your curves
  • Blade cartridge has a moisturizing strip that helps the razor glide
  • Pretty pink leaf suction cup that sticks to shower wall to easily store the razor.
2016-08-22_183600154_97594_ios  2016-08-22_183525618_c8228_ios
Don’t you deserve your own razor made for you? 
Lequa Beauty has other items as well including razor blade replacement cartridges, shave gel and soaps, and bath bombs.  
Makes great stocking stuffers or gifts.
Shop here and use Code JODI10 (non-affiliate link) for 10% off your order.
CLICK HERE: Lequa Beauty
Free US shipping for any razor order right now.  Flat rate shipping for all others.
XXOO, Jodi
Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.


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