Product Review – Lovespoon Candles

I’m super excited about this awesome candle. I know it’s not beauty related BUT when I got the opportunity to try this candle, I couldn’t resist.


This is the Day at the Spa candle from Lovespoon Candles – The Cornerstone Collection. It smells fantastic! It is a soy candle with scent combination of lemongrass & black currant with hints of patchouli and sugar cane. If you do not like patchouli scent – I really couldn’t smell it – this scent reminds me of Pear Glace from Victoria’s Secret. Love it!


Soy Candles are the way to go too. They burn longer, cooler and leave no soot or toxins when they burn. Lovespoon Candles high-end candles retail for $28 and are worth it! They make great gifts! And, best of all, after the candle burns you have a reusable container perfect for jewelry, toiletries or trinkets.


Lots of scents and holders available on their website to choose from:

For a limited time, if you use code TAKE15JODI (not an affiliate code) you will get 15% off your order. 

XXOO, Jodi


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