Product Review – Herbal Choice Mari Organic Makeup Remover

If you have been following me for the last few months, you know I’ve been trying to find alternatives to beauty products that are either organic, vegan, cruelty free or all of the above. My latest find – I received in exchange for my honest review is an awesome makeup remover – Herbal Choice Mari Organic Makeup Remover. 

This smells herbal, looks herbal (like yellow lotion) but is one of the better makeup removers I own. The true test was applying lipstick to my skin and using the remover and no sign of lipstick. You know how sometimes lipstick can stain your skin? Not a problem with this. And you get a lot of product too. It’s a large bottle (100 ml) with pump dispenser for $18.95. You can purchase through Nature’s Brand website (link below) or through Amazon. It is perfect if you have sensitive skin as it contains no fragrance or preservatives.

XXOO, Jodi

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