Product Review -Sonicblend Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush

I received this Sonicblend Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush by Michael Todd Beauty free for my honest review. It’s a pretty cool makeup tool overall.
SonicBlend Front
  • It does not require batteries. It comes with a USB cord for charging.
  • It comes in black, pink or tortoise shell pattern.
  • It doesn’t spin around spewing foundation all over.
  • It uses sonic vibrations (three speeds) to help settle foundation into lines and pores for better coverage.
  • It comes apart for easy cleaning.
  • It is Antimicrobial which protects agains germs unlike a beauty blender.
  • It took some getting used to if you use a beauty blender for foundation.
  • It didn’t really work for me for blush or highlighting but mainly because I don’t use the same brush types for those.
  • It’s what I would consider expensive $99 but if you click the link (not an affiliate link) below – you can save 20% off of purchase at Michael Todd Beauty.

SonicBlend Back

Overall, I loved this product.  This brush  has longer staying power than a beauty blender so in the long run you may actually save $$ and time!! 
CLICK HERE: Michael Todd Beauty
XXOO, Jodi

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