Product Review – Crystal Glass Manicure Stick by GERmanikure

Here is an interesting gadget I received free for review purposes. It’s the Crystal Glass manicure stick by GERmanikure.
I was excited until I tried to use. The pointy end and angled end were too hard for me to really work with. I guess I’m not coordinated enough. I like glass nail files so I thought I would like too.
There were not any instructions on suggested ways to use but it had a nice carrying case (pictured).
2016-07-26_002758821_DC8BF_iOS  2016-07-26_002532870_84F5E_iOS
It is sold on Amazon if you are interested (link below). This wasn’t for me personally but seems well made. It’s selling for $8.49 which I think is overpriced for a glass stick but this is my honest review whether I paid for a product or not.
xx00, Jodi

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