Review – PUR: The Complexion Authority

I have been a long time fan of Pur Minerals – now known as PUR: The Compexion Authority. They do not test on animals which I know is very important to many beauty buyers. I was honored when the opportunity arose to join the PUR affiliate program and to receive free samples to try and review.

Most of the items I have purchased in the past have been eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes so I was glad to get some of the other products PUR sells to try out.

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My favorite product received was the Lip Gloss Stick in the color Daredevil. There are 8 shades of this product line to choose from but I always gravitate to the reds and corals and this is a perfect marriage of both shades. As a lip gloss, the pigmentation is light and it gives a nice pop of color on the lip rather than the full coverage you would get from a lipstick. The application is easy to use and apply with the thick crayon-like design and it’s super moisturizing formula gave my lips a beautiful sheen. This is not made to be long lasting and I have personally have no problem with that. I think this would make a nice addition to a matte lipstick if you want to wear over it for extra moisture and change up the color a bit. These retail for $18 each. And while that may be on the higher end for this type of product, I will definitely purchase more.  CLICK HERE: PUR Lip Gloss Sticks

2016-04-14_024000160_51323_iOS   (2016-04-14T04_05_33.801)

A big trend in skincare these days is the process known as “masking.” PUR sent me their Dirty Girl – Detoxifying Mudd Masque. This masque is a combination exfoliator and cleanser. The formula is less gritty as I have come to expect from a mud mask or exfoliator which can often times be rough on the skin so I was happy it was so gentle. The masque is the color of a capuccino which comes from the pascalite clay used. I Googled what pascalite clay was and it is a cream colored clay and can be found in the US – most notably in the Wyoming region. Pascalite is known for its healing properties for anything from cuts and burns to chapped skin. There are also a good number of oils and extracts from natural sources this is made with. It dried down fast but still maintained a stickiness. Note: Definitely put your hair up and away from face to avoid hair getting stuck in the masque. After 15 minutes, I washed off and my skin was noticeably less red and less flaky. I will be doing a follow-up post after using this for the next week or so to share any differences in my skin. This masque retails for $28.00 which is not bad for a skincare product especially one that eliminates the need for a moisturizer after using.  CLICK HERE: PUR Dirty Girl Mudd Masque

The last product I received was the PUR Big Look Mascara. The brush is perfect if you have tiny lashes in the inner corner like I do. I have found that thicker wands make it much harder to get the mascara on those lashes and not get it all over everything else. Nothing ruins an eye look more than getting mascara on the lids. This is Pur’s extreme lash enhancer with Argan Oil. I have severe Spring allergies and found this mascara didn’t stay where I needed it to with my watery eyes. I need a waterproof formula most days.  UT, it did separate the lashes very well and was non-clumping which is what I look for in a mascara. If they had a waterproof version, I would definitely purchase. This is a limited edition mascara currently retailing for $21.00.  CLICK HERE: PUR Big Look Mascara

I wanted to include some products I purchased separately as well from a Hautelook sale. These are liners for eyes – an eye pencil (Mineral Eye Defining Pencil with Smudger) ($17.00) in a dark smokey brown and a Universal Pencil 3-in-1 which can be used for eyebrows, eye liner or lip liner for defining each of these areas. The color was a light brown. The end of the universal pencil has a mascara like wand that can be used for the brows. (NOTE: I did not try on brows as I have very little experience with brow products and a low comfort level in using overall).  These are not very pigmented or long lasting.  Both wore off quickly on my waterline. And because its allergy season, I really need something that will stay put on my eyes.  

Pur Pencils1  2016-04-14_024249641_61255_iOS   (2016-04-16T06_26_55.447)

I also purchased what I would call a multi-use product. It is the PUR Radiance Highlighting Powder and is a very light shade that would work well on brow bone when creating a Spring eye look. I do not see where they carry it on their website so it may have been a clearance or limited item. However, the pictured chisel brush can be purchased for $23.00 and is a great brush for highhlighting and foundation.  CLICK HERE: PUR Chisel Makeup Brush


Overall, I was happy with the products I received for review as well as purchased even though some of them were a miss (eyeliners / mascara).  The opportunity to try new products is always fun and appreciated. I would highly recommend the lip gloss and mudd masque!  

Disclaimer:  The links contained in this post are affiliate links.  I receive a small percentage of sales should you choose to click and shop with them.  So, in advance, thank you if you do so.  All reviews are my honest opinion whether I received the products for free or purchased them.

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