Review: Mommy Makeup

DISCLOSURE:  I received this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own whether I purchased a product or not. I will never post a sponsored review that is not my honest opinion.


I received this Mineral Shimmer Powder (Angel Glow) from Mommy Makeup to review.


About Mommy Makeup:

What really drew me to this company was the fact that they cater for the busy woman (not just moms).  

“Everything we do at Mommy Makeup, we believe, will save you time and money yet still make you feel and look your best!” 


Their products are made to be multi-use. For instance, this Mineral Shimmer Powder can be used for bronzing, highlighting, contouring and used on both eyes and face. These colors are perfect for a neutral eye look with the lighter shade for the brow bone or inner corner and the darker for the crease, lid and lower lid liner.

Their products include brushes, makeup bags, lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss, concealer, face powder, blush, eye liner, mascara, brow tint and what they call Any Wear Creme – “A multi-tasking creme-to-powder product that can be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips.”  

The prices are what I would consider high.  BUT, because they are multi- use, you aren’t buying one of everything to get a look. You can purchase this Mineral Shimmer Powder (on sale at time of publishing for $45.00 – regularly $50.00). It can be used on face and eyes so you do not need to purchase eye shadow, highlighter and bronzer separately as it is all-in-one. Also, in my opinion, if I can have one product that does the majority of what I need which saves me time, it’s worth more to me.  To be able to cut down the amount of time it takes me to get ready in the morning – BONUS!

First Impressions – Packaging

 IMG_1293 MM2

The packaging is cute – vintage 50s style.  I prefer a more modern packaging catered to today’s working woman and busy multi-tasking mother. It’s no longer about the woman staying home and having the house immaculate and meals ready for the husband when he comes home from work which this vintage look reminds me of. I personally am a working single mom. So a less dated look would be more appealing to me.

IMG_1001 MM1

The outside packaging front was a worn sticker placed over the top of the compact so this probably isn’t something I would keep out on my vanity but would definitely carry in my purse. If I were to pay $50 for a product, I would expect it to look expensive. The compact was sturdy with a mirror on the inside which is nice for on-the-go application. There is not an application tool included which, at this price point, is usually the case. So separate tools for applying to face and eyes are needed to use this powder.

The Product – Angel Glow – Mineral Shimmer Powder


The Angel Glow (cute name) Mineral Shimmer Powder is tightly packed so there very little fall out when using. The diamond design is definitely eye catching. The colors work very well together and have a lovely glow effect. They are not matte but not what I would consider shimmer so it should please most users. It is oil, talc, fragrance, and paraben free. This powder “enhanced with antioxidants & vitamins A, C, and E.” Since I have sensitive skin, this is definitely made for me. I love it when a product has extra benefits. You can use the shades individually or blend together for an all over glow. I had to build up the shades (light pigmentation) when used on my eyes. If you are going for a natural look – this definitely enhances your features in that regard.  

Final Thoughts

This probably isn’t a product I would have purchased at this price ($50) but, now that I have it, I will use often because it really is multi-use. I’m all about saving time and purse space these days. I will also try out some of their other products during a sale (sign up for their newsletter to get sale info).

Mommy Makeup recently updated their site and it is easy to navigate.  However, it has a feature in which a message briefly pops up when a customer purchases something. I don’t really care to know that someone in San Jose purchased an eyeliner.  It’s not disruptive, just not necessary, in my opinion.  

There is a reward program called Pretty Perks you can sign up for which earns you points you can redeem for a credit or free Kabuki brush.  It also says you will get a 10% rebate when you sign up for it but I couldn’t find anymore information on that under their rewards page. I’m assuming 10% percent of purchases earns you credit. The site also has a number of informational blogs and video lessons.

For more information or to see the selection of cruelty-free beauty products:

CLICK HERE – Mommy Makeup


For Product Reviews – On occasion, I am sent products to try and post a review. All opinions are my own whether I purchased a product or not. I will never post a sponsored review that is not my honest opinion. I will always mention whether I purchased or received a product for free.  Thank you, in advance for your support!


4 thoughts on “Review: Mommy Makeup

  1. I love the concept and the diamond design is really pretty. But… $50? Ouch. Great review Jodi.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I’d be more apt to purchase this if it were around 30.00 or less personally as that would justify the cost of not having to purchase a separate eye shadow, bronzer, etc.

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