Review – Katherine Cosmetics

I was very excited to receive a product package from Katherine Cosmetics to review.
CLICK HERE: Katherine Cosmetics
I had been following them on Instagram and had liked the pictures I had seen.   I was immediately impressed with the packaging and marketing materials.
Within this cute pouch was makeup as well as a couple brochures with pictures of all products as well as thorough descriptions. I enjoyed being able to look at all their products and learn more about Katherine Cosmetics before I opened their products. One of the interesting facts was the brown and silver colored packaging comes from Katherine Finch’s (founder of Katherine Cosmetics) love of horseback riding and the color of the saddles as well as the silver from antique silver.  She comes from a long line of  women named “Katherine” going back to her great grandmother.  You can learn more about these women on their website.  Having this insight really connected me to their products on a personal level.  Not something you get very often from makeup companies.
I received the above products – a lip gloss, lipstick and eyeliner.  All with great packaging – just as described.  The first product I used was the lipstick.  They sent me one from their A+ Friends Lipstick collection which according to their information is “A lineup of 11 luxurious and nourishing lipsticks inspired by inner beauty and true friendship. Each moisture-rich formula glides on with ease, and delivers sleek and shiny looking lips. A+ Friends deliver A+ ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax and Aloe Leaf Extract.”  I received Susie’s 65 Roses.  And the color reminds me of those beautiful coral colored roses so the name was very true to life.  It had a shimmer to it of gold which was absolutely beautiful as seen here:IMG_9290
I want to note here that these lipsticks are $26 each but one of the very unique things is that each lipstick is tied to a charity that Katherine Cosmetics gives back to with each purchase of that lipstick.  The charities are listed on the websiet.  The one I received was for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  I admire companies that give back. And while $26 is what I would consider higher end, the fact that a portion goes to a charity makes it worth it.  But what was even more impressive was the look and feel of the lipstick.  I have dry skin and am constantly putting on chapstick.  With this lipstick there was no need to add extra moisture.  It is creamy, rich and very moisturizing.  You can see that in the picture of me wearing below:IMG_9499
The next item I received was the Everyday Shimmer Gloss in the color Bonnymede which complimented the lipstick color I received and can be worn together or separately.  These lip glosses are $22.00 and are described accurately as “…a gloss that’s not sticky, not heavy… doesn’t burn your lips… but still looks AMAZING? EVERYDAY Shimmer Gloss solves all your lip gloss dilemmas… it soothes, comforts and protects your lips with Seed Butter, Olive Oil, and Bees Wax… the line filling, moisturizing, natural plumping formula are enhanced with a slight hint of vanilla and mango… It gives you a modern fresh scent when applied. The formula is enhanced by the application using a built in brush so you’re always on the go ready for “no time” touch ups. The colors are inspired by looks for real life.
The top 2 swaches are the lipstick and the bottom to this lovely gloss.  While the lipstick did not have a scent or flavor,  the glosses have a mild vanilla scent to them.
IMG_9310         IMG_9502
This pic is of the gloss over the lipstick.  A subtle difference that is more pink than coral in color when worn together.IMG_9501
The last item was an eyeliner.  While I’m pretty picky about eyeliners due to allergy eye issues, I needn’t worry about these issues according to the website:   “It’s water proof and smudge proof. The Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes and the Vitamin C naturally soothes and protects as well as Defensil that provides anti-inflammatory benefits. For the first time ever an automatic (no sharpening needed) eyeliner has a built in eyeliner brush… Your eyes say it all… this thin handled automatic pencil gives you precision application… that stays in place. Your brush can blend for a smokey eye… a casual eye or a dramatic eye.”
They sent me the Everyday Line Cessna Brown which is a good color to have with a neutral eye palette which is what I tend to gravitate towards.  The eyeliner is priced at $26 which is a lot for an eyeliner in my opinion but easier to accept after it lasted so long and I had to remove end of day.IMG_9393
They sell additional makeup products such as:
They also have offers to buy their kits for a savings:
  • K-Sport “WOW” Value Set, $42
  • K-Sport Lip Protection Gloss, $2
Overall, I definitely recommend this company and their fabulous products and I can’t wait to purchase.
XXOO, Jodi

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