Clinique Eye Pop Shadow Review

I recently purchased most of the Clinique Eye Pop Shadow Collection – mainly because Clinique has a beautiful sculpted quality to its Pop products. (The only color I did not purchase is Willow as it was out of stock but I plan to pick up soon.) I was hesitant to even use because they are just so beautiful.  But, after many requests for swatches and a review, I decided to dig in and I was pleasantly surprised with the swatches and durability.


I had been asked to swatch wet and dry and did so with the first swatch I did – Aqua Pop. Note: I used the Laura Geller eyelid primer for these groups of swatches.  I was not able to intensify the color when swatching wet.  In my opinion, that is good as, it means the dry method is intense and pigmented.  I blended out the 2nd swatch of the Aqua Pop and found it fairly easy to do so.  I then swatched my favorite color Surf Pop which is a brilliant sapphire blue.

The most surprising aspect of these shadows were their durability.  I had to use makeup remover to scrub off these swatches.  They wouldn’t budge otherwise which is what you want from an eye shadow.

The next two swatches are what I call pearlescent as they have a nice shimmer to them. The lavendar color is called Grape Pop and the satin pink is called Petal Pop.  While not bold in intensity like the previous colors, these would be a welcome addition to any eye look.

The last three colors are the neutral ones and while the brown color – Cocoa Pop was pigmented and can be used as a great lid or crease shadow, the remaining two – Vanilla (off white) Pop and Cream Pop (tan) are better suited to brow bone colors as they are extremely subtle.  I probably would have passed on these lighter ones had I not wanted the entire collection.  They swatches are underwhelming for these as they just don’t “pop” on my skin tone.

For $17.00 these shadows aren’t inexpensive but they are the good quality you would expect to find from a Clinique product.  They are small but there is a lot of product packed into each of the containers.  So from that perspective, you get your money’s worth.

If you are interested in purchasing – they are sold through Clinique, Sephora and select Clinique retailers – links as follows:




Note:  I did not list some sites such as Ulta that carry these as they are priced at $22.00 each which is $5.00 over what I paid for them.  I would suggest you purchase through as they always have freebie specials where you can get a bag of extra goodies for a small purchase.

All of these were purchased by me.


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